Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

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“I have nothing to wear!” we cry, as we stare into our overflowing wardrobes. It’s that time of year again: time for a spring clean. The phrase can strike fear into our hearts, but spring cleaning our wardrobes isn’t as tough as we might think.

Yes, it can be difficult to part with clothes sometimes. There are many reasons why we struggle to be ruthless in clearing out our wardrobes; we might associate happy memories with particular items and feel attached to them, or we might be worried that after the Big Clean we’ll be left with nothing.

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It seems that the worst thing that can happen when we get rid of clothes is regret. This isn’t something to be afraid of, and it’s certainly not a good enough reason to let our wardrobes get out of control.

Firstly, if we’re throwing something out, we will have given this decision a lot of consideration; we’ll have found at least one good reason to get rid of it. So, we can’t really regret throwing any item out that much.

Secondly, whatever feeling of regret we may have after the clear-out will pass with time anyway. This is especially true when you come to buy new clothes and find you actually have the space for them in your wardrobe now.

Finally, the relief and sense of achievement that will come from sorting out that overcrowded, outdated wardrobe will make it all worth it. You’ll know every item in there and you’ll be able to find them all too!

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Here are our top tips on how to make this year’s spring clean a stress-free process.


Break it down

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It can seem daunting to know that you’re about to go through and judge your entire clothing collection, so try starting with the smaller, easier tasks first. Start off by sorting out your underwear drawer.



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Remember, you don’t have to throw your clothes away. Instead, you could donate them to a charity shop. Knowing that any unwanted clothes will be going to a better place, and funding a worthy cause, should make it easier to part with them.


Friends or siblings


Ask friends or siblings if they want any of the clothes you’re thinking of getting rid of. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that you could still borrow your clothes from them if you change your mind.


Make a checklist (and stick to it)


Making a list of criteria that your clothing must meet in order for you to keep them will help to ensure your clear-out is productive. For example, ask yourself the following questions. Does it fit me well? Is it free from bobbles and holes? Have I worn it in the last three months? If any of your answers are no, then the item’s got to go. Simple.


Get some money out of it

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It will make the Big Clean much easier, if you have an incentive. Try setting a goal of having ten items (or maybe £50 worth of items) to sell online by the end of your clear-out. You’d effectively be getting paid to sort out your wardrobe!


Treat yourself

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Whether it be a shopping trip or catching up on your favourite TV series, planning something that you’d look forward to after a day of cleaning will mean that you’re more likely to get it all done quickly and feel a sense of achievement, because you’ll be rewarded for your effort.

Happy spring cleaning!


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Words: Danielle Wing


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