Tower of Tweed

With a busy week and even busier catwalk, Chanel stunned us all with their devotion to Paris at their latest haute couture show. Once again, the brand goes above and beyond with their expressive show, using a recreation of the Eiffel Tower for the Fall 17 couture show. The real tower inspired Lagerfeld’s quintessential fashions, of which he then decided to create his own in the centre of the Grand Palais.


Karl’s inspirations came from the Eiffel tower itself; therefore, he aimed high to show his gratitude by dedicating the show to the city of Paris. With great gratitude, the Mayor of France made sure Lagerfeld was praised for his dedication. He received the highest order of the city. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, presented the designer with a Grand Vermeil medal, the city’s highest honour, for Lagerfeld’s contribution to fashion at the helm of Chanel for the past 30 years. Hidalgo described Lagerfeld as “a big talent, a unique person, someone who makes Paris more magical, someone who makes Paris a city in which things happen. Paris loves you, Karl. You are Paris.”


Karl managed to create a new exclusive Paris, with the real Eiffel tower in view through the glass of the Grand Palais. There was gravel on the floor to make the catwalk that one step closer to the real thing. The attendees were dwarfed by the giant structure, making it seem exquisite. Lagerfeld is known for creating a magical experience at every Chanel show. Each catwalk and design create a story we all want to be a part of. The show was an ode to Paris.



Precise patterns and impeccable designs made a romantic coupling in the city of love. As a brand known for their tweed, they did not disappoint. Delicate, like it was almost too precious for a long stare by wandering eyes. Big shoulders were presented teamed with a thin waist, creating a shape so interesting that it captured the audience’s imagination. Hats stole the show, appearing on every model to finish off the magical look. The garments’ silhouettes took centre stage showing a classic Chanel image.



Camille Hurel stole the show, playing the bride floating down the catwalk with her petite frame and dark features covered with a voluminous gown trimmed with white rose embroidery. Attendees with the best seats included Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, Pharrell Williams, Julianne Moore, and Lily Collins. All graced the front row, having first looks at the story we wish we could have witnessed.




Words: Shauna Hill


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