Travel Back in Time with Levi’s Vintage Clothing S/S 17 Collection

‘Summer of Love’: 

The iconic American brand is launching a special ‘groovy’ line for the 50th anniversary of the ‘Summer of Love’.

It was summer 1967 when around 100,000 young people came together in the neighbourhood of Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, the capital of the hippie counterculture, for what would become the biggest social and cultural phenomenon of the ’60s – the ‘Summer of Love’.

Feelings of unity and rebellion attracted lots of teenagers and college students who felt they didn’t belong to the society, and that seemed to be a great opportunity to spread their message to the world, thanks to the great media coverage of the event.

From the rejection of the institutions and opposition to the cold war to the promotion of cultural changes and sexual freedom, the hippie generation looked for alternative methods to express emotions. Influenced by Eastern philosophy, psychedelic arts, music and drugs which they believed would ‘expand the consciousness’, hippies called for a change in the society which would lead to better future for the world.

All this was reflected in their fashion choices. Long and flowy hair, psychedelic prints, bell-bottoms, flower prints, ethnic clothes and denim were their signature looks.

But unfortunately, by the end of the season, everything was over; people went back to their homes or college. And that October, the last hippies that stayed in San Francisco held the ‘Death of a Hippie’, a mock funeral which symbolised the end of the beautiful San Francisco scene.

This year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event that defined an entire generation, Levi’s has launched a special collection called “Forever Changes”.

“The ‘Summer of Love’ is the common thread through the collection and during this period people were wearing a lot of vintage clothing already,” said LVC’s head designer Paul O’Neill in an official statement.

Some of the vintage Levi’s items included are a suede turquoise trucker jacket, a 1962 551®Z Jean adorned with peace signs, and the 1967 Crazy Legs Spikes pants.

According to the brand’s blog, the official campaign, which features real people, not models, “tells the story of three young kids leaving from a small town in Texas to head for San Francisco, the epicentre of the Summer of Love where Levi’s was a huge part of the scene. The kids are captured jumping trains and hitching rides to get out west to see the scene for themselves.” O’Neill also shared how important this line is for him: “The 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love has been an incredible opportunity to delve into our archives and give new life to some of our most amazing pieces… I’ve been researching this collection since I was 15 years old when my father gave me his 1960s record collection. So it’s been a special one for me.”

And we feel that the love for vintage fashion, the hopes and optimism for the future are still alive in today’s generation.

Shop the full collection on the Levi’s website.

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Words: Ammy Putzu



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