The Trend That Creates Happiness

Fashion is all about expressing your identity, and therefore trends can be implemented to really boost your own personal style. This spring, yellow is all the rage. The dazzling colour will make your days brighter, and you will radiate while being the most fashionable person in the room. So why not incorporate it into your spring wardrobe? Here is how and why you should.

Bright yellow colours are not just for the brave fashionistas of the world. It is a trend that has taken the fashion industry by storm. It may be a buttercup yellow, a bright vivid yellow, or a mustard-toned yellow that will fit your skin tone. Spend time choosing the one that goes with your own features the best, not just for the most extravagant look. Influencers all over the globe have been featuring Cuba and the festive colours surrounding its culture on their trips. Looks amazing, doesn’t it? So why not bring Cuba to the UK through your outfit? The influencers were, of course, inspired by others, which were probably fashion designers such as Simone Rocha, Bottega Veneta, Jason Wu, and Gucci, who showcased yellow pieces in their Spring/Summer ’17 collections. This was unexpected, yet caught the eye of the public. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd, while beaming in the sun as a bonus?

Now we are getting to the most important part: how do you wear it? It can be daunting to put on such a bright colour but don’t be afraid. Pick up a little clutch bag in a bright yellow, or spice it up with a mid-length sunrise-coloured skirt. Style each piece with other light colours such as whites or nudes to create an effortlessly chic, yet seasonal look. If that’s too much for you, maybe try out a pair of statement earrings with a hint of yellow to them. There are endless possibilities of how to incorporate these shades into your look, so get creative and have fun with your personal style! The sky is the limit when it comes to fashion.



Word: Anna Syren


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