Is Ugly Fashion Having A Moment?

After Balenciaga went viral for their platform Crocs at Paris Fashion Week, are we more inclined to pay attention to the fashion shockers?

Crocs are hardly known for their fashion prowess. Often seen on either toddlers or the older generation and not very much in between, they’ve gained a (perhaps justified) reputation for being very ugly shoes. The last place you’d expect these rubber clogs to be worn is on the runway, but Balenciaga made the impossible a reality at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Possibly even worse, the collaboration came in the form of platforms. There were reportedly gasps in the audience when the shoes were debuted on the catwalk, and the image of the shoes, covered in child-like buttons no less, went viral. Fashion giants such as Vogue expressed their bewilderment at the bizarre design, whilst the general public took great amusement at them.

However, Balenciaga isn’t the only fashion house to venture into the word of Crocs. In 2016, Christopher Kane unveiled his collaboration with Crocs, which included an entire line of different designs. They became infamous, and still stock for hundreds of pounds online. Despite the public’s bemusement with Crocs’ fashion moment, it only seems to be having even more of a revival. As the less conventional designs in fashion tend to be the ones that go viral and have a wider reach, are the uglier designs the way forward in fashion?

Words: Sasha Mossman


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