Uncensored Bodies: Girls Drawing Girls on Instagram

The internet is a vital medium through which people can express themselves freely, right? Well, yes… so long as they don’t publish pictures of the female body. Censorship of women’s bodies is still very much present on social media. As a result, while pictures are often banned online, drawings and illustrations have flourished.

We’re taking a look at three artists who decided to get around the limits imposed on female representation online with their pencils. The female body is still an issue, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Breasts, hairy legs, imperfect body parts, or periods are to be banned and hidden in a “cover up that bosom, which I can’t endure to look upon” kind of spirit.



In a society where nothing is quite right with a women’s body, Cécile Dormeau, Laura Breiling, and Robin Eisenberg are part of a growing community of female artists trying to make a difference through genuine and truthful representations of women that won’t get taken down.

In the world of drawing where everything is possible, Cécile, Laura and Robin portray all sorts of women, not as they should be, but as they are.



Cécile Dormeau

Through her work, French artist Cécile Dormeau is trying to fight a society based on appearance. She wants to show hairy legs, lots of love handles, and different kinds of boobs and butts. Addressed to women directly, her drawings are meant to help them embrace their self-image.

“I would like to show women that they can be more than just a body. It’s what they do that makes them cool, not what they look like,” she said.


Laura Breiling

German freelance illustrator Laura Breiling creates political and social compositions.


About this illustration showing three girls walking together, she said: “I saw these three girls in Berlin. I loved their style and this perfect combination of traditional and street style.”




Robin Eisenberg

American artist Robing Eisenberg draws women of all colours that she calls “galactic babes”. Often wandering into space, hanging out with stars and aliens, her women take some distance and get an overview of society and its stereotypes about women.


They detach themselves from judgement. “They are strong, adventurous, confident, and they don’t need validation,” she said.

These three artists use their Instagram accounts to spread their political and feminist drawings and use their freedom of speech. Their girls and women are carefree, goddesses wandering in space, half naked friends walking down the street, or galactic babes living in spaceships. Against the tyranny of appearance, they all stand together. They tame the wildest and fiercest of animals, they show their bodies, and love themselves.


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Words: Pauline Schnoebelen


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