Valentines day: it’s just a cliché

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February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration where people show their affection and love for one another. How romantic, right? Honestly, it’s all become a bit of a gimmick. Why do people have to wait until this very day to show how much they care for their significant other? Shouldn’t everyday be Valentine’s Day? Or is it just an excuse for the clueless and the cowards to confess their feelings, in the cheesiest ways possible? And guess what? If the person you like isn’t impressed, then you can always blame it on Cupid!

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In today’s times, people seem to have lost their creativity, when it comes to expressing their true feelings. Romantic comedies are to blame as well: they have set some unrealistic expectations. Doesn’t everyone dream of re-enacting the scene from ‘Say Anything,’ where a tall, dark and handsome man drives up to your house, stands under your window, lifts a boom box up, and serenades you? Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey have set the bars high when it comes to recreating those perfect dances. Isn’t everyone dreaming of twirling and being caught mid air by their partner, while ‘Time of my life’ plays in the background?

It is no longer about making big romantic gestures, as people take the easier (and lazier) way out and feed into the publicity the big retail stores dump on us. There’s no need to put in any effort or thought, “thanks” to them; they just tell you what you need to do: that every woman needs a big bouquet of overpriced red roses, a heart shaped box of chocolates and some shiny jewellery. You might as well give them a lump of cold hard cash.

So, what are the top clichés everyone is guilty of on Valentine’s day? Here is our favourite list:

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1.Proposal in Paris: Please show some originality. This isn’t romantic, it’s tacky

2.Going to the cinema: Why must couples book tickets to watch films like 50 shades of Grey? They should be at home with one another, creating their own love scenes, rather than watching a bunch of actors do so

3.Candlelit dinners: It’s all so fake. A dimly lit table with ‘My funny Valentine’ playing in the background, waiters serving oysters and champagne ends up putting pressure on the women, as they are expected to put out, in return for all of this. What women really want is a comfortable night in with the boys, Ben and Jerry’s

4.Strawberries and cream: Whats up with that? This isn’t Wimbledon. It’s Valentine’s Day

5.Stuffed bears: That’s something to give to a child, once you’ve fished it out of the machine at the arcade

6.Love poems: Just keep it simple. An ‘I love you.’ Is far more impactful than a ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue?’ You are trying to woo your significant other. Not cast a spell on them

Real couples should not have to celebrate Valentine’s Day, because if you’re in a real, loving relationship, everyday is filled with romance. There is no point hiding behind gimmicks and wasting money over it. That just shows you don’t know the other person at all. Unless you are:

  1. a) Teenage boys, hoping to get laid
  2. B) Someone too desperate to not be alone on Valentine’s Day
  3. c) A couple that hates one another 364 days of the year, and uses this one day in hopes of rekindling your love for the other, just for the sake of it

So dear readers, especially the men folk: if you are still thinking of going to Paris, simply to enjoy Valentine’s Day as well as to have some delicious desserts, make sure you don’t kneel down in front of the Eiffel tower, to tie your shoelaces. Your partner will get the wrong idea and chances of you getting dumped will be hire.


Words: Louisa Eagle

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