Vintage: Nostalgia and Revolution in the World of Fashion

Kilo vintage sales across London, vintage festivals, typewriters, and new age hipsters with chequered vests and dotted bow ties resembling young grandpas.


It seems that during the past two decades, the word ‘vintage’ has become a synonym of stylish and fashionable clothing, contrary to all previous decades when having or wearing something old was considered rather sad and unfortunate.


In the 1980s, wearing something that looked old, or was in any way worn or used by somebody else, or actually purchasing something that resembles your grandmother’s dress in her engagement picture, was simply inconceivable. The times demanded a new style with puffy sleeves and bright colours, leather jackets and messy hair to accompany the renaissance of hard rock music. Nowadays, however, people seem to be moving backwards when it comes to fashion and style. Why? What is it that creates this obsession with the past instead of a desire to move forward? The answer is, most probably, just that: it’s the moving forward.

If there is one big change that has occurred over the past 20 years, it’s the technological evolution. It appears like a miracle that makes life easier and in many ways it truly does; in many other ways, though, it evolves so rapidly, demanding everyone to move along with it. As a result, it often feels that time is moving so quickly there is barely any time to enjoy it.



It is precisely then that one feels the need to look back and reflect on an age that was far less noisy and seemingly secure.


The ’50s and the ’60s are a huge trend, probably because they represent an era of peace and hope, a rebirth for a population that had survived two major destructive wars and was beginning to celebrate again with wavy hair, red lipstick, swing dances, and sparkling jewellery.


Today, the fully packed lifestyle is calling specifically for that very time. People see old pictures of their parents and grandparents and drenched in nostalgia crave to experience time slowly and happily.



“Vintage is about looking forward through the window of the past,” said Charles March. The future is unknown and often times a scary place to think of, but the past is already familiar, known, and, when compared to the harsh reality of today, absolutely beautiful.


Words: Elena Cami


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