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Vintage items are not hard to find, but what is more difficult is to find is something that not only suits your own individual style but that is also comfortable and wearable. Not everyone can pull off quirky, but if you can, do! I have been involved in a large vintage haul recently as a team of us are putting on a vintage stall for a local charity and have collected lots of donations from various people for us to sell. Of course, I’ve already tried it all on and also added a few bits of my own that I don’t wear that often any longer!

Here’s how I style some of my favourite pieces to fit in with current trends, if I’m honest I’m not a massive follower of trends but the vintage style is very in right now so there is so much inspiration everywhere, from the catwalks to street-style; my bank account is not very happy with me at the moment!



These little silk beauties are such an easy way of injecting colour into any outfit. Pictured below is our haul and an example of a simple way of styling one for an every day look… but try putting it in your hair, or tying it around your handbag, or even using one as a belt! This is for all the monochrome worshipers out there, go and grab yourself a £2 scarf from any charity shop and thank me later.



Midi Skirt

Pleated midi skirts from the 60s in any colour are so easy to incorporate into this season’s trends. This one cost me £8 from a vintage warehouse and it is so beautifully made. The pleats are perfect and it comes with a little under skirt for modesty! Here I have styled it for a daytime look, but shove on a pair of heels and a glitzy top and you have a perfect evening look too.

Image 3 - Megan Plenderleith



I picked this little gem up in a charity shop for a fiver; it is not really vintage as it’s only from the 90s, but the colours are so lovely and the abstract pattern makes it a real statement piece. Here I have teamed it with plain black jeans, a Levi denim jacket and a vintage look handbag.

 Image 4 - Meg Plenderleith

I really want more people to get into vintage clothing as, not only is it usually cheaper, but you’re revitalising a piece of history. Plus it looks good and you’ll probably be the only person in the world wearing that particular piece.


Words: Meg Plenderleith

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Images sources:

Image 1,3 & 4 – Author’s own

Image 2 – Venisha Metha

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