Wallet-Friendly Valentines Destinations


It’s that time of year again! Time to lose ridiculous amounts of money on presents for (or holidays with) your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Oh, the pressure! Worry not, because we at SANT are here to help. Who says going to that romantic destination has to be expensive? We have put together the best wallet-friendly destinations to visit on Valentine’s weekend.



Bruges is perhaps the most gothic, romantic town in Belgium; its grand architecture and fairytale feel make it a perfect Valentine’s destination. As Bruges is such a small town, it’s also pretty reasonable in terms of accommodation price; hotel prices start at around £38 per night!

We also recommend taking the Euro Tunnel and then driving to Bruges if you can. It allows you to see the lovely French and Belgian countryside whilst only costing £58 each way, making it a hell of a lot cheaper than the Eurostar.




You may think that this would be an expensive option, but it is not so impossible for you to spend Valentine’s in a Gondola with enough change for an ice cream! With a little research, you can find very reasonably priced hotels in Venice; at the time of writing there are hotels going from £38 per night.

We also recommend (to make the journey cheaper and more interesting) booking a bed on the Thello sleeper train. The Thello goes from Paris to Venice overnight for only €35 per person, letting you wake up to some truly fantastic countryside sweeping past you and your loved one.



Ah, the city of love! For Paris we recommend going to stay in the B Montmartre Hotel. From experience we can say that it is a friendly and affordable hotel just down the road from the Moulin Rouge. If you would rather shop around, however, on booking.com you can find accommodation from £137 for two nights on Valentine’s weekend.

As for Paris itself, even though general prices are expensive, what could be better than strolling along the Champs Elysee, hand-in-hand on Valentine’s?




More in favour of taking a romantic ramble across the wilderness, or shutting yourself away in a remote cottage with just the two of you? Then Scotland is the perfect answer! If you feel like taking a longer holiday, you can rent a holiday cottage around Loch Ness from around £500.

Check out Cottages and Castle for a beautiful array of cottages to stay in http://www.cottages-and-castles.co.uk/ . Also, if you’ve read this article whilst wishing that you had someone to go with, why don’t you and the girls head up to Scotland, and scout out the Jamie Frasers at the local pub? Sign us up Lassie!




Wherever you go and whoever you go with, we here at SANT hope that you have a great Valentine’s Day!

Words: Elena Hatfield

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