How to Wear the Military Jacket Trend (Without Looking Like a Colonel)

There are times in every fashionista’s life when a change in style is needed. A craving for something new and a necessary spicy ingredient to heat up a seemingly dull wardrobe.

However, finding inspiration can be tough and even when social media is feeding us outfit after outfit and the catwalks are producing a million and one trends, it can all feel a little overwhelming and we don’t know where to look. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered by narrowing down the best trends and revealing how they can be catered to everyone’s personal style.

2017 has seen some of the best military trends in a long time. Seeing army gear strutted down the catwalk isn’t something new; after all, fashion moves like a spiral and elements are constantly being regurgitated. The problem for many is how to apply these amazing trends for everyday wear and make it feel personal.


Here’s how to wear the military jacket trend and cater it to your own style.



Contrary to popular belief, shaping an initially masculine piece into something more feminine and graceful can be simple and successful. If your style craves a traditionally feminine focus with curvy silhouettes and soft qualities, then choose a military jacket that has embroidered details. This adds a gentle and sensitive feel towards the established masculine piece. Wear a bold or floral dress with some matching heels to dress up your jacket.



If timeless fashion is more appealing, then a military jacket is a great staple for your wardrobe. Stick to monochromatic shades for your outfit and pick a jacket to match this simple colour palette. Gold or silver details will add a more expensive touch to your look and a black designer bag with minimal detail places emphasis on your incredible classic jacket. The key here is to find a military jacket that would suit a higher-ranking officer and is not over-embellished but tasteful in its ensemble.



Yes, the military jacket was originally used to display the status of a soldier but that doesn’t mean it cannot be used for casual wear in the modern day. Throw a navy or dark military jacket over your basic tee and denim ensemble and don’t forget to add trainers for emphasis on your ‘comfort chic ‘look. You’ve just ruled two trends: military and sportswear in one look. Now you definitely can call yourself a trendsetter!




Not all military jackets are made with the same shape. For a sophisticated spin on the military jacket trend, look for one with a more tailored cut like this sleeveless blazer. Teamed with a pair of black faux leather pants and a killer pair of heels, this trend is twisted from traditionally masculine to ultimate chic in a matter of minutes. The silver rounded buttons add accents to an all-black outfit.



All this talk of taking away the masculinity from the military jacket trend is great for some, but it doesn’t have to be necessary to still look stylish. If you adore army-inspired fashion, take the more traditional route and opt for an army green jacket. Pair it with some basic wax-coated trousers and matching jumper for a look that is on trend and appropriate for the cold season.


There are countless ways to take the military jacket trend; they can make a statement, or simply give an edge to a simple outfit. They can be catered to a formal event or used for everyday wear. Overall, the military touch is like black: a jacket can add a special twist to a basic look and prove its versatility for years to come. It’s time to indulge in the charm of a fashion world favourite: the military trend.


What are your thoughts on the military jacket trend?




Words: Eloise Gallant


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