Work Hard, Play Hard : Night 3



So let’s talk about night 2: I’m speechless. I’m sure the whole festival is speechless. Fleetwood Mac have left us all speechless. But let’s start at the beginning…

Thankfully, we didn’t see Friday’s rain again, and we woke up to the excitement and buzz that Fleetwood Mac were playing later on! Fed up of the bacon rolls, and thankful that the main arena opened at 11, we stopped off at a quirky festival cafe and had and big feast.

After we were ready for the day, we did some jiving at the tea rooms and the headed over to the Electro Love 80s arena for some late morning dancing.

Barely able to contain our excitement for Fleetwood Mac, we grabbed plenty of Clothes Minded festival discount flyers, and took them to the main stage. Because of the whole festival’s excitement for Fleetwood Mac, the main stage field seemed full already! The dry and slightly sunny day was the perfect reason to stick near the main stage to try and get a good place for later, and to hand out all of our flyers.

Paulo Nutini was on before Fleetwood, and he blew us all away: the jolly and upbeat classics of his mixed with his new powerful songs, created an amazing performance. Then, as Paulo left the stage, everyone’s excitement seemed unbearable.

Fleetwood Mac finally came on. They were here. They were about to make history. The Queen, Stevie Nicks, was only a few meters away from us, and boy did she look amazing!  They broke straight into The Chain.

An eventful day indeed

Words: Jessica Midwinter

In association with Clothes Minded

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