Yoga With Adriene: A Yoga Revolution


As summer is slowly coming to an end, the bodies that we have perfected over the last months have come under threat. We love our summer bodies, but as it gets closer to autumn, going outside for an hour run is becoming less appealing and sitting by a fire with a cosy jumper and a cup of tea, more reasonable. Even so, we still want to stay fit and healthy. One form of exercise that is beneficial yet doesn’t necessarily involve you having to leave your home is yoga.


Yoga has and always will be a great form of exercise. People of all variants in health and age can do yoga and its benefits are not only great for your body but also great for your mind. Mantras and breathing exercises help to achieve an inner sense of peace whilst you help your physical health. However, with all the different classes and online yoga channels, it can be difficult to choose a class and tutor. Some instructors have too much expectation of what yoga should be: teaching yoga practitioners to do a certain movement in a strict way, making it uncomfortable for the masses rather than pleasant for the individual.


However, there is one yoga channel that caters for all. ‘Yoga With Adriene’ is an online yoga class, community and YouTube channel hosted by the lovely Adriene. Adriene’s motto is “find what feels good,” and sticking to a yoga practice in all her videos that can be done by anyone and is suitable for all levels.


Adriene is the best friend that we all want. Rather than being strict and boring, she livens up her classes and videos with her ability to make fun of herself and be charmingly goofy. But, however goofy she is, she still has the power to give her students a wonderful yoga workout that not only makes you healthier but happier; she creates moves that can be tailored by the individual to their preferences.




No move is too hard, as Adriene encourages her students to change the move in a way that’s comfortable to them. Rather than going straight into a yoga pose that makes students envious, Adriene takes the time to explain that not everyone’s bodies are the same, yet the perfect pose is always achievable through practising yoga long enough.


Adriene has loads of different YouTube videos to choose from, anything from stress to yoga when you are ill. However, our personal favourite is her Yoga Camp series, which is her most recent 30-day yoga challenge. This challenge not only pushes you to improve but takes into account the previous day’s routine and the next so the student won’t be too tired or sore to continue.


Yoga With Adriene is the perfect yoga class for anyone, and if you are thinking of getting into the practice, Adriene’s understanding attitude is the perfect place to start. She is your online yoga friend that you will cherish forever.



Words: Elena Hatfield.


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